You can get a refund on any unused go card travel credit and deposit, minus any outstanding fares, fees and charges. This also applies to cards belonging to deceased estates. 

You can also transfer the balance and deposit of your registered go card to another valid go card

To receive a refund you must surrender your go card and it will be cancelled, unless it's for a registered card that has been reported as lost or stolen.

Refund options

There are two ways to obtain a go card refund.

Cash or EFTPOS 

Visit selected go card retailers or Queensland Rail ticket offices (in South East Queensland only).

You can use this option if all these apply

  • your card balance is less than $50 (plus card deposit)
  • ​​​your last top-up was made at a retailer or a fare machine 
  • your card hasn't expired or it has only expired within the last 255 days.

Directly into your bank account

Complete the balance transfer and refund form (PDF, 180KB).

You must use this option if any of these apply:

  • your card balance is more than $50
  • your last top-up was made online, over the phone, or via auto top-up
  • your go card expired more than 255 days ago
  • you haven't used your card for more than 5 years (dormant card)
  • your go card is lost or stolen (registered cards only)
  • you are seeking a refund for a deceased estate.

Refunds are made to Australian bank accounts only.

Funds may take up to 28 days to appear in your account. 

For full details about go card refunds, please read our guide to balance transfers and refunds (PDF 165KB).

Smart Ticketing refunds

If you are participating in the Smart Ticketing trial on G:link and require a refund where you have paid for your fare with a Mastercard or American Express card, smartphone or smart watch, please call us on 13 12 30.