Get on board with fairer fares

On Monday 19 December 2016, new fares and simpler zones were introduced across South East Queensland.

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What has changed?

  • Reduced fares for all zones, including reducing the cost of one zone local trips to $3.20 (adult go card).
  • Reduced number of zones from 23 to 8 wider zones, making local travel more affordable.
  • Weekday morning off-peak period extended to 6am.
  • Free weekend travel for children aged 5-14 years travelling on an orange child go card.
  • Introducing an '8 paid journeys and 50 per cent off subsequent journeys per week' incentive to replace the existing '9 and FREE' scheme.

In addition, concession fares will be introduced for people receiving the Newstart Allowance or Youth Allowance, as well as asylum seekers. These new concession fares will be introduced during 2017, pending discussions with Federal agencies.

Frequently asked questions

  • How many passengers will benefit from the Fairer Fares package?
    About 93 per cent of existing passengers will pay less for public transport under the Government's new fare reform, while 4 per cent will pay a similar amount to their current fare.
  • Will there be a change to my go card as a result of the Fairer Fares package?
    There will be no change to your go card or the way you use it when travelling. Just touch on and touch off like usual and your fare will be calculated automatically.
  • Why has the Government replaced the '9 and FREE' incentive with '8 paid trips and 50 per cent off subsequent journeys'?
    go card data shows in a typical week around 15 per cent of go card users did enough journeys to benefit from the '9 and FREE' incentive. Replacing the '9 and FREE' incentive with an '8 and 50 per cent of subsequent journeys' scheme allows reduced fares across all zones, benefiting a greater number of people.
  • Why do children have to touch on and off to get free travel at the weekend?
    Having a valid (touched on) go card is a condition of travel on TransLink services.
  • Why do some new timetables and maps show an effective date of 9 January 2017?
    The Fairer Fares package was originally planned to be introduced in January 2017, the package was ready to be implemented ahead of schedule on 19 December 2016. Some timetables and maps were produced prior to the date change and show a January implementation date. All maps and timetables displaying an effective date of January 2017 will be current from 19 December 2016.
  • When will the government introduce concessions to people on the Newstart Allowance, Youth Allowance or asylum seekers?
    The Queensland Government will introduce concession fares to unemployed people receiving the Newstart Allowance and Youth Allowance, and to asylum seekers during 2017, pending discussions with Federal Government agencies. A precise date is yet to be finalised.
  • What happens if I tap my go card before 6am but my journey finishes after 6am?
    Off-peak fares are based on when you touch on. So if you touch on at 5.57am you will receive the off-peak fare. If you transfer between services on a multi-trip journey across peak and off-peak times, your go card will automatically calculate the fare as a combination of peak and off-peak.