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From Monday 12 November, 678 car parks will be available at the new Mains Road park ‘n’ ride site. The multi-level parking facility is serviced by many high frequency bus services which connect directly to the South East Busway.

The park ‘n’ ride upgrade is part of the broader Queensland State Netball Centre project, which is due to be completed in early 2019. Once the netball centre is open a further 11 carparks will be available, bringing the total number of carparks at the site to 689.

The upgraded park ‘n’ ride features:

  • 678 car parks (689 upon final completion)
  • accessible parking bays
  • improved safety
  • a bus about every 2 minutes during peak.

As in the past, there will be times throughout the year, typically on weekends, when the park ‘n’ ride will be closed for major events. We will provide forward notice of planned closures on the TransLink website and through MyTransLink app notifications.

Map of the Mains Road park 'n' ride site

Map of the Mains Road park 'n' ride site

Project background

Construction at the multi-level Mains Road park ‘n’ ride facility began in April 2017. The $7.37 million project is the only multi-level park ‘n’ ride facility in the state solely servicing buses.

The shared use of this carpark also means that this investment benefits both transport and community purposes at different times.

Park ‘n’ ride facilities are an important part of the transport network – providing the community with direct access to high frequency public transport services.

We are thankful for your patience during the construction period.

Artists impression of new Mains Road parking

Artists impression of new Mains Road parking


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