As part of the Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 2 project, there will be some impacts to the Gold Coast University Hospital station.

The platform on the hospital side of the station will have limited access from late January until early March. This is to allow for work to be undertaken to allow for the inclusion of the Stage 2 light rail track. The nature of the work is demolition and removal of materials and construction. There will be no disruption to light rail services and the work will happen between the hours of 1am – 4am, when there are no trams running.

There will be temporary fencing, and signage to guide customers across the pedestrian crossing to the University side of the station, where G-Link services will continue as usual.

Access to go card, ticketing machines and information will still be available on the University side platform, so please ensure you allow extra time to access your services.

Read more about the Stage 2 of the Gold Coast Light Rail project.

Affected services


Last updated:  Fri 13 January 2017 at 3.58pm ()