We're making some changes to MyTransLink app support that will affect around 2% of our users who are running iOS 9 or below, or Android 4 or below.

By the end of February, if your phone is using one of these old operating systems, you'll no longer receive app updates. You can continue using the app version that you have installed at the time the change is made. Alternatively, you can also use our mobile website at translink.com.au for journey planning and real-time info.

By making this change we can optimise and improve the MyTransLink app experience for 98% of users who use phones with newer operating systems.

What should I do if I'm affected?

You have two options to get the best possible experience with the MyTransLink app using an older operating system:

  1. Update your operating system (if possible).
  2. Update the MyTransLink app to the most recent version to ensure you have the best possible version that's compatible with your device.

Alternatively, save the translink.com.au website to your home screen so you can plan your travel, access timetables and real-time info.

Benefits of upgrading?

By upgrading your phone operating system you will continue to receive regular MyTransLink app updates and new features when they are available.

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