Pete Murray

In brief

  • Venue: NightQuarter Helensvale
  • Date and times:
    Saturday 5 January 2019 4:00pm to 10:00pm

Pete Murray is coming to the coast! Don't forget that your entry ticket entitles you to free travel* on local bus, tram and train services before and after the event. 

Scheduled services

Use journey planner to find out which scheduled bus, train, and tram services travel to and from NightQuarter.

Check for current and upcoming service changes.

NightQuarter is close to bus, tram and train services at Helensvale station

Map of nearby stations to Nightquarter

Map of nearby bus, tram and train stations

Ticket and fare information

*Free travel with G:link, Surfside and Queensland Rail

If you have a pre-purchased ticket you can travel free to and from the NightQuarter on all regular network-wide G:link trams, Surfside buses, and Queensland Rail City Network trains (excluding Airtrain services).

Free travel begins 4 hours before and concludes 4 hours after the event.

Event information

Visit the NightQuarter website or call 1800 264 448 for more information.