Jill and Rod at the beach

"Rod and I moved here a few years ago. We always wanted to move up the coast when we retired. Rod’s still working a few days a week. I volunteer in town.

Having the buses run through town makes it great for socialising. I can meet the girls for lunch or meet Rod for dinner after work. And when the grandkids come to visit, I take them on the bus too. They think it’s this big adventure! Kids travel free on weekends, so that’s a bonus. I just keep a go card for them at my place.

Finding a park can be a real hassle, especially in the holidays. Why put yourself through the stress of it if you don’t have to? I’ve got the app and it shows me in real time where my bus is. I can catch the 628, but if I miss that, there are bus services into Hastings St along Memorial Ave."

Route: 626 or 627 (Every 15 minutes from Tewantin to Noosa heads)

Ticket type: Seniors go card

Address: Lake View Drive, Tewantin