9 July 2021
South East Queensland

Students who use school bus services for travel to and from school are being prompted to check for changes to school bus routes planned for the start of term three.

Acting Head of TransLink Sally Stannard said school bus routes improvements are made for many reasons such as changes in demand, improving on-time running and increasing operational efficiency, or changing a run to avoid traffic congestion which helps buses run closer to timetable and arrive at school on time.

With such a large number of school bus routes changes in term three, Ms Stannard encouraged students and parents to plan school journeys ahead of the new school term.

"Changes differ for each school bus service and students may find they now have a new route they can use, or their usual service has changed its route or timetable," Ms Stannard said.

"Even if you've been catching the bus since the start of this year, we encourage you to check your service to make sure it is still arriving and departing at the same time and location.

"Please check the changes now to ensure your first day back at school runs smoothly," she said.

Parents and students can find out any changes by contacting the school bus operator or heading online to TransLink's School Service Finder.

Students travelling on a dedicated school bus service do not need to wear a face mask.

Currently (Friday 9 July) students 12 years and older need to wear a face mask on all other public transport services in the South East Queensland and Townsville (including Magnetic Island) areas. This is subject to updates.

More information about school students travelling on buses is available online on the TransLink website.