31 May 2020
South East Queensland

Pet dogs will be allowed to travel on Brisbane River ferries and CityCats under certain conditions on a permanent basis after a six-month trial drew overwhelmingly positive feedback from commuters.

Launched in December, the trial has allowed pet dogs to travel with handlers in off-peak times, including weekends.

An initial three-month trial was extended in March to allow for further feedback and assessment, and Head of TransLink Matt Longland said travelling dogs had put their best paw forward.
"The feedback we have received from commuters has been extremely positive and we are pleased to confirm that this will now become a permanent change," Mr Longland said.

Feedback on the trial was gathered from ferry staff, dog owners and passengers not travelling with a furry friend, with more than 80 per cent of respondents indicating their support for a permanent policy change for pet dogs to be allowed on-board.

"The trial was part of our plan to continue building a public transport network that encourages greater use by the community through inclusive and accessible services," Mr Longland said.

"We've had no major operational or safety issues during the trial, which is a great outcome, and the long-term policy will continue to support the safety and wellbeing of our staff, customers and other pet dogs.

"It is important we continue to offer services that are accessible to everyone, which includes commuters who simply want to spend more time with their four-legged companions."

Pet dogs will be allowed to continue travelling on ferries and CityCats on the following conditions (at the discretion of ferry crew):

•    Pet dogs are permitted to travel between 8.30am-3.30pm and 7pm-6am weekdays and all weekend

•    Small pet dogs (5kg and under) must be either in a secure carrier (not a handbag or shopping bag) OR on a lead and wearing a muzzle 

•    Pet dogs larger than 5kg must be on a lead and wearing a muzzle (no declared dangerous dogs allowed)

•    Pet dogs are to remain under the control of their handler at all times and not disturb other passengers 

•    Two pet dogs per handler are permitted on-board.

•    Pet dogs must stay with their handler outside the ferry cabin at the rear of the vessel. Pet dogs are not allowed on upper decks or inside the cabin.
•    The handler must carry suitable waste bags and clean up any mess the dog makes whilst on board
•    All waste is to be taken off the vessel by the handler and should not be put in vessel bins or left on board

•    The ferry master and crew will determine if there is enough capacity to carry pet dogs. 

These conditions apply to pet dogs only and do not apply to assistance animals.

Guide, hearing and assistance dogs, and other assistance animals are always permitted onboard TransLink services and are not required to wear a muzzle.

Their owners or handlers are required to hold either a Handler's Identity Card or a TransLink Assistance Animal Pass (or interstate equivalent) to travel.

 For more information, visit translink.com.au or call 13 12 30 anytime.