14 December 2018
South East Queensland
Mackay bus


Regional public transport fares rise by CPI

Regional bus fares will increase in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in 2019. 

Head of TransLink, Matthew Longland, said from January 7 2019 regional bus fares would increase by 1.8 per cent, which in many instances will mean little or no change to fares.

“Since the State Government’s fare freeze, this is only the second increase to regional fares in the last six years,” Mr Longland said.

“Because fares are only increased in increments of 10c, for many of the lower fares, a 1.8 per cent increase won’t trigger an increase and these fares will remain the same.

“For example, the cost of an adult single 1 zone journey in Cairns will remain at $2.30, while all other zones will increase by 10 cents, for example a 2 zone fare will increase to $2.90.
“A 1 and 2 zone adult single journey in Rockhampton will remain at $2.30 and $2.70 respectively, while fares for zones 3 to 10 (inclusive) will increase by 10 cents, and zones 11 and up will increase by 20 cents. 
“Comparable fares in Toowoomba will increase by 10 cents with the exception of zone 1, which remains at $2.30, and zone 11 will increase by 20 cents. 

“Single concession fares are half the price of single adult fares, rounded up to the nearest 10 cents.” 

Mr Longland said the cost of regional bus travel remained affordable with fares well below those in South East Queensland. 
“We’ve ensured the cost of travel remains affordable on bus services across regional Queensland.”
Changes to regional fares will take effect from first services on Monday 7 January 2019.
For more information on public transport, contact your local operator or visit the qconnect website or TransLink website www.translink.com.au or phone 13 12 30, anytime.