G:link Smart Ticketing trial

TransLink has been working closely with G:link to test and trial Smart Ticketing technology on new equipment on Gold Coast Light Rail stations since April 2020.

All ticket validators across the G:link network have now been replaced with new, improved Smart Ticketing validators. Larger, brighter screens with a hood, simplified on-screen icons and messaging, and a taller sleeker design are three key improvements of the new Smart Ticketing validators.

As part of the Smart Ticketing G:link trial customers can now use their go cards to tap on and off as they would normally do on any of the new Smart Ticketing validators.

Testing and trialling will continue over the coming months to ensure the new equipment is fully functional for customers before Smart Ticketing is progressively rolled out across the G:link network. There will be no change to services for customers who can continue to use their go card or purchase paper tickets during the trial.

We appreciate your support of the Smart Ticketing trial as we strive to deliver a world-class ticketing system across Queensland.

Where the current trials are taking place

Gold Coast tram commuters are the first to see and use the new state of-the-art Smart Ticketing validators located across the G:link network. The Gold Coast Light Rail has been selected as the first location on the TransLink network as a smaller percentage of customers travel on the G:link each day than any other public transport mode.


How to use the new equipment on G:link 

Customers can use their go cards as they would normally on new Smart Ticketing validators. These validators show three new icons, including a green tick if the tap is successful, a red cross if the tap is unsuccessful and an orange exclamation mark if there is something that requires attention, such as a low balance.


Our approach to delivering Smart Ticketing

TransLink has undertaken extensive research, customer engagement and testing with a broad range of accessibility and advocacy groups to ensure the new Smart Ticketing equipment is functional, accessible and user-friendly for everyone.



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Visit the frequently asked questions page for more information about this G:link trial, the new Smart Ticketing options this project will deliver, and when these will be available.

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Want to know more about this project?

Visit the project page for more information about Smart Ticketing. This page will continue to be updated as Smart Ticketing is rolled out from Cairns to Coolangatta.

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