Smart Ticketing equipment rolls out on Queensland Rail

New Smart Ticketing validators are being rolled out across the Queensland Rail Citytrain network.

These new validators are good to go! Simply tap on and off at the screen with your go card or go access card.

Wrapped in Translink's 'The Connecting Thread' First Nations artwork, the new validators feature larger, brighter screens with a hood, simplified on-screen icons and messaging, and a taller sleeker design.

Over 500 Smart Ticketing validators and gates will be progressively installed across all 154 Citytrain stations over the coming months to make way for the trial of new payment methods later this year.

We appreciate your support during this time as we strive to deliver a world-class ticketing system across Queensland.

Tap on and off with your go card

You can use your go card or go access card with this equipment.

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3! Remember to:

  1. Prepare early! Remove your go card from your wallet or case.
  2. Tap on, hop on.
  3. Hop off, tap off.

New simplified icons on screen

If you get a large white tick with green lights and a positive sound your tap was accepted.

If you get a large white cross with red lights and a negative sound your tap was declined.

If you get a large white tick with orange lights and an alert sound, your tap was accepted, however there is something regarding your go card account that requires your attention. Check your go card account online or contact Translink on 13 12 30.

Supporting you during this trial

Our street teams are on the ground to help you use new equipment during this trial.

You can also call 13 12 30 if you have a question or feedback about Smart Ticketing.

Search our Smart Ticketing tracker below to find out if new equipment is available at your local station or visit our frequently asked questions for more information on all things Smart Ticketing.

Is new equipment available at your local station?

Search for your local Queensland Rail station below to see if new equipment is available.

Our Smart Ticketing tracker will keep you up to date on when new equipment and new ways to pay become available at a Queensland Rail station near you.

You can also see the progress of new equipment rolling out across the Queensland Rail Citytrain network via our progress map (PDF).

New Smart Ticketing validators are coming to this station soon.