Creating Better Connections for Queenslanders is a draft 10-year plan for passenger transport in Queensland. It sets out five priorities and 20 signature initiatives for passenger transport which will ensure Queensland's passenger transport system remains:

  • reliable, safe and accessible
  • contemporary and relevant to customers by taking advantage of emerging technologies and service models
  • delivering the outcomes our community needs.

Currently, the plan is still in draft form and we are asking our stakeholders for feedback and ideas on the plan and how we can work together to deliver solutions. When the final plan is implemented our customers will benefit because it will improve their passenger transport experience.

Passenger transport includes all the traditional public transport such as scheduled urban bus, train, tram and ferry services, as well as community and courtesy transport, long-distance services providing connections between communities, school transport, taxis, rideshare and on-demand public transport.

Creating Better Connections for Queenslanders identifies five key priorities:

  1. Reliable and safe - Services customers can depend on to get them where they need to go, when they need to be there.
  2. Responsive to changing community needs - increasing access to health, jobs and education.
  3. Seamless end to end journeys - better integration between travel options to get from door to door.
  4. Easy and accessible – passenger transport is accessible to everyone and barriers to access are removed.
  5. Environmentally sustainable – more environmentally sustainable operations to help our customers make a difference.

The decade ahead is an exciting time for passenger transport in Queensland. Major projects such as Cross River Rail and Smart Ticketing will help to improve the reliability and accessibility of our passenger transport system. In addition, emerging technologies and service models that provide more real-time information and services will make it easier for customers to use passenger transport. These are just some of the 20 initiatives identified in the plan that will help deliver the five key priorities for passenger transport over the next 10 years.

Some of the initiatives are already underway, while others will continue to be rolled out over the next decade. We want to work collaboratively with our partners and stakeholders to refine where and how the outcomes described in this plan are delivered. That is why we undertook a stakeholder engagement process.

During a six-week engagement period we invited stakeholders to provide feedback on the draft Plan. We will consider their feedback and refine the plan, priorities and initiatives where required to reflect that feedback. 

We intend to carefully consider all submissions. Once we have worked through all the feedback and submissions, we will finalise the plan and release it.

You can email and receive a written response within five days.