20 Jan 2017

Students catching public transport are urged to prepare for their journeys to and from school ahead of the new school year which starts on Monday.

TransLink spokesperson Miguel Holland said it was important for children and parents to prepare now for their school travel so the transition back to school was a smooth one.

Mr Holland said parents and student should prepare by:

  • referring to timetables
  • buying or checking the validity of travel cards or go cards
  • claiming their concessions, including School Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS), and
  • familiarising themselves with their local public transport services and routes.

“Parents and students should check the journey planner on the TransLink website as some timetables have changed since school finished last year,” Mr Holland said.

“When school resumes on Monday, trains will be running across SEQ to the same timetable that was operating before the school holidays. Again, we urge students and their parents to check the TransLink journey planner and website.

“Staff will be on hand at key stations to help customers including students.

“The journey planner, MyTransLink app and TransLink’s school travel web page  are also great ways to find the best service to and from school.

“The safety and comfort of all students when travelling is very important. We recommend students and parents read our tips for safe travel at: https://translink.com.au/travel-with-us/school-travel/getting-to-and-from-school.”

Mr Holland said primary and secondary school students were eligible for concession fares at 50 per cent of an adult go card fare and some may be entitled to additional fare assistance.

He encouraged students in SEQ to buy a go card so they could benefit from fast, easy and convenient travel without cash or paper tickets.

“You can buy child go cards for students aged between five and 14 years and concession go cards for secondary students 15 or older. Children aged four and under travel free on TransLink services,” he said.

“Students will also reap the benefits of the State Government’s Fairer Fares package introduced on 19 December which reduced fares for customers.

“Under the package, children aged between five and 14 years travel free at weekends when they touch on and off with an orange child go card.

“New go cards can be bought online and from 660 locations across SEQ, including selected retailers, 7-Eleven stores and Queensland Rail ticket offices.

“If you have a go card, register it and set up auto top-up to protect the balance if it is lost or stolen. If you have a concession go card, ensure the expiry date matches the student ID.”

For more information on concessions and assistance, click on the following links:



To contact the public transport operators used by TransLink to deliver its services, go to: https://translink.com.au/contact-us#seq-operators

For more information on school public transport, go to the TransLink website, download the My TransLink app or call 13 12 30.