About service updates


We'll let you know about current, recent and upcoming service changes. There are many different reasons why services are disrupted or changed, such as:

  • station or stop improvements
  • road closures
  • traffic accidents
  • new services
  • timetable improvements
  • weather

So you can make an informed decision before you travel, we will assign each service update a status based on:

  • how many customers are affected, and
  • what the impact is.

How often the status is updated

We look after service updates 24/7. However, outside business hours only major disruptions are updated.

  • During the morning and afternoon peak travel times, we have staff working at the main traffic control centre.
  • During normal business hours - we look after service updates at TransLink headquarters.
  • Outside business hours - we have staff who can be contacted to update the website from 'off-site' if there is a serious issue.

What the status means

Normal service Normal

  • No current disruption or change affecting services.

Minor status update Minor

  • Station, stop or timetable changes.
  • Road closures which affect some services.
  • Moderate delays.

Major status update Major

  • Large regional service changes.
  • Road closures which affect many services.
  • Delays are lengthy or likely to be in place for a significant time.
  • Services have been suspended or cancelled.

Service notice Service note

  • New services.
  • Services are running normally but there is something you should be aware of.
  • A long term change is in effect.

Where the information comes from

Planned changes to services are usually arranged between TransLink and our service delivery partners. They are usually put on the website 1-2 weeks before the change.

We rely on our business partners and service providers to let us know about unexpected service disruptions.

For example:

  • Buses might be stuck in traffic due to congestion - drivers will contact the bus control centre who will contact TransLink with the details.
  • A train line might lose power during a storm - Queensland Rail will contact TransLink with the details.

We will then work out what services are affected and put the information on the website.

Sometimes we don't have much detail, especially when an incident first happens, so we will update the information as we learn more.

While we keep you updated as best we can, the priority for staff on the ground is customer safety and returning services to normal.