Tips for courteous behaviour


Follow these tips for a safe and enjoyable journey when using public transport in South East Queensland:

  • Have your go card, SEEQ card or valid paper ticket ready before boarding. Buying a paper ticket? Have the correct fare ready before boarding.
  • Always give way to passengers leaving a service.
  • Offer your seat to passengers with special needs, such as seniors, people with a disability, pregnant women and parents with small children.
  • Don't place your feet or bags on seats near you.
  • Keep doorways and aisles clear of bags and other obstructions.
  • Keep the volume of your personal music player at a reasonable level, with earphones attached.
  • School students must vacate their seats if adults are standing.

Guidelines for travel

TransLink advises passengers of the following guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for all.

  • Please have the correct change for ticket selling staff before boarding a bus or ferry.
  • Please do not talk to the driver of a public passenger vehicle while in transit.
  • Passengers must vacate their seats if sitting in an area designated for use by disabled or mobility-impaired persons, when such a person enters a public transport vehicle.
  • Passengers are not to play musical instruments on a public passenger vehicle.
  • All sound equipment must be operated at a reasonable level with earphones attached, so as not to cause a disturbance to other passengers.
  • Passengers must not place feet on seats.
  • Passengers must not bring on to vehicles excessive amounts of luggage and occupy more than one seat because of said luggage.
  • Passengers must not put anything in the aisles of a public passenger vehicle that is likely to cause an obstruction or injury to someone.
  • School students are bound by the Department of Transport and Main Roads 'Code of Conduct' when travelling on TransLink services.
  • School students must vacate seats if adults are standing.