Conditions of travel


Conditions of travel (PDF, 40KB)

Travel using any TransLink train, bus, ferry and tram service is only permitted with a valid go card, SEEQ card or TransLink paper ticket or pass.

All TransLink ticketing products remain the property of TransLink and are not transferable from one customer to another.

The following are examples of passenger conduct which may constitute a breach of the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Act 1994 (this list is not exhaustive and other conditions apply).

  • A passenger must ensure his/her go card is touched on when travelling.
  • A passenger must not evade, or attempt to evade, payment of the required fare for the intended journey.
  • A concession/child paper ticket holder, or a concession, seniors or child go card holder must be in possession of a valid concession entitlement card.
  • A passenger must produce a valid ticket or go card and a valid concession entitlement card (if applicable) when requested to do so, by a driver, ticket seller or authorised person.
  • A passenger must not smoke (including electronic cigarettes) in a public passenger vehicle.
  • A passenger must not consume food or drink in a public passenger vehicle.
  • A passenger must not interfere with a public passenger vehicle, service equipment or a public passenger service.
  • A passenger must not bring an animal on to a public passenger vehicle unless it is an approved guide or assistance animal.
  • A passenger must not create a nuisance or disturbance on a railway or public passenger vehicle.
  • A passenger must supply his/her name, address and age to an authorised person when requested.
  • A passenger must not obstruct an authorised person in the exercise of a power.

Fines for public transport offences

(Current as of 1 July 2014)

Offence Fine
Evade a fare $227
Fail to produce a ticket $227
Failure to state name, address or age to an AP $227
Failure to provide information about a relevant offence $227
Smoking on a bus or ferry $227
Consumption of food/drink on a bus or ferry $227
Create a disturbance or nuisance on or in Passenger transport infrastructure (PTI)  or Passenger Passenger Vehicle (PPV) $455
Fail to obey a direction to leave or not enter PTI or PPV $455
Interfere with a vehicle or equipment $455
Person take animal that is not assistance animal on public passenger vehicle W/O permission $227
Failure to carry evidence of concessional entitlement $227
Placing feet on seat of rolling stock $227
Entering or leaving moving rolling stock $227
Opening external door of moving rolling stock $227
Placing a part of a person’s body out of a window or door of moving roll stock $227
Entering or leaving a railway other than through a proper entrance or exit $227
Entering rolling stock not designated for passengers $227
Riding on the outside of rolling stock $227
Putting graffiti on a railway $227
Entering railway crossing whilst warning signal has/is sounded $227
Enter railway track other than for purpose for crossing one side to another $227
Spitting on platform, rolling stock or structure $227
Consumption of alcohol on a railway $227
Crossing of a railway tracks other than at a Railway crossing $227
Allowing an animal onto a railway $227
Leaving litter on a railway other than in container provided for that purpose $113
Occupying more than 1 seat on rolling stock $227
Bringing onto rolling stock designed for passengers a sizeable object that cannot be put: (a) under the seat; or (b) in an overhead rack; or (c)in a designed storage area $227
Placing anything in the aisle where it may cause obstruction or injury $227
Selling, seeking business or conducting a survey on a railway $227
Playing a musical instrument or Operating sound equipment at a level likely to be a nuisance $227
Consuming food or drink on Rolling stock $227
Smoking on a railway $227
Parking a vehicle other than in designated parking space $227
Failure to obey direction on a sign in relation to driving or parking $227
Driving a vehicle(other than a wheelchair) on a bridge, subway or platform $227
Selling, seeking business or conducting survey on a busway or Busway Transport Infrastructure (BTI) $227
Playing musical instrument or operating sound equipment on a busway or BTI without permission $227
Allow animal on busway or BTI that is not assistance animal without permission $227
Fail to enter or exit through entrance or exit on busway or BTI $227
Driving vehicle other than wheelchair on area of busway or BTI designed for pedestrian use $227
Parking vehicle on busway or BTI except in space where authorised parking $227
Fail to obey direction driving or parking vehicle on busway or BTI indicated on sign displayed without excuse $227
Leaving litter on busway or BTI other than in container provided for that purpose $113
Drinking alcohol on a busway or BTI $227
Smoking on a busway or BTI $227