South East Queensland - single paper ticket


TransLink has a single paper ticket for infrequent public transport users and short-term visitors in South East Queensland.

A single paper ticket is a one-way ticket which can be used on buses, trains, ferries and trams.

Even if you're not a regular public transport user, go card is a cheaper, easier and more convenient travel option. You can simply leave it in your purse or wallet and use when convenient as the credit doesn't expire.

If you're a visitor to South East Queensland, seeQ card is an easy and convenient travel option to explore the region.

The Gold Coast go explore card is a simple and cost effective option for visitors to the Gold Coast. It provides unlimited travel for one day on all TransLink buses and trams. 

Pre-purchase your paper ticket on event nights at Boondall train station

If you’re attending an event at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, you can now pre-purchase a paper ticket for your return journey home.

Simply buy a paper ticket from a fare machine or the station office and get it stamped from the attendant in the office.

The stamp allows you to travel after the two hour time limit printed on the ticket.

Tickets can only be stamped on event days after 5pm at Boondall and Central stations.

Tickets are valid in specific zones

Our public transport network is divided into zones.

A paper ticket is valid for travel in particular zones. Make sure you buy a ticket which covers all the zones you'll need to travel in.

More about zones.

Transferring between services

With a single paper ticket, you can transfer between any number of buses, trains, ferries and trams in a two hour window (within the zones your ticket is for).

The two hours starts when you buy your ticket.

Transfers must be made between different route numbered services (return journeys are not permitted).

Passengers travelling through 11 zones or more will have their final transfer time extended by 90 minutes.

How to transfer between services.

Where to buy your ticket

You buy your ticket at the start of your journey (not in advance). You can buy a single paper ticket:

  • from a bus driver (except pre-paid buses - see below)
  • on board a ferry
  • from ticket offices at train stations
  • from fare machines at busway, train and tram stations and major interchanges.

For more detail see how to use the bus, train, ferry or tram.

Pre-paid buses

Some buses are pre-paid services. You can't buy a single paper ticket on these services. You must already have a valid ticket or a go card or seeQ card before you get on board.

Pre-paid bus services.

Please note

  • Single paper tickets are non-refundable.
  • Tickets are not transferable from one customer to another.