Visiting South East Queensland?

go card provides a convenient way to travel on TransLink's network of buses, trains, ferries and trams and explore South East Queensland. To make travelling easy for visitors to Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, go card now comes with visitor information and handy travel tips.

TransLink's go card visitor information packs each include:

  • a map of TransLink's train and bus network
  • useful tips on how to use TransLink's bus, train , ferry and trams services
  • a list of top things to see and do in each of the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast regions
  • a destination map showing how you can travel and explore the regions using your go card
  • a guide to using your go card.

Buy a go card

go card is your ticket to seamless travel across the entire TransLink network of buses, trains, ferries and trams. go card is at least 30 per cent cheaper than the cost of a single paper ticket. It's an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to explore South East Queensland.

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