As more and more people get on board with go card, TransLink is committed to ensuring the fair and appropriate use of the system for all passengers.

What are fixed fares?

A fixed fare is the amount charged to your go card if you don't touch off at the end of your trip.

Fixed fares are there to ensure a fair go for all passengers on the TransLink network so remember to always touch on, touch off.

Effective Monday 2 January 2012, fixed fares are:

Fixed fares effective from Monday 2 January 2012
Mode of transport Adult Child Senior Concession
Train $10 $5 $5 $5
Bus, tram and ferry $5 $2.50 $2.50 $2.50
Airtrain $30 $12.50 $25 $25

Please note: If your go card has been charged the fixed fare and your balance is less than the amount for the fixed fare, your card will have insufficient funds to travel for your next trip.

If you think you've been charged a fixed fare in error, you can report an incorrect fare.

Why do fixed fares exist?

Fixed fares ensure a fair go for all passengers on the TransLink network. To allow TransLink to provide more frequent and reliable services and build a more efficient network for customers, we need to ensure passengers are using the system appropriately and touching on and off correctly. If everyone uses the system in the right way, the resources spent on minimising fare evasion could easily be reinvested to improve the TransLink network and provide better services for customers.

Why have fixed fares increased?

Fixed fares were kept relatively low at first to let new users understand the system and get used to touching on and off. As go card is now used for 80% of all weekly travel across the network, users now fully understand how the system works and fixed fares have been brought up to an adequate level to deter incorrect use of go card.

What if I can't touch off because of a system issue?

If you have been charged a fixed fare because of a system issue you can apply to have your go card balance adjusted within 8 weeks from the date of error.

Report an incorrect fare.