Where to buy and top up


You can buy a go card at over 625 locations, including any 7-Eleven store, many Queensland Rail and G:link stations, some busway stations and selected newsagents where you see the 'buy' symbol.

There are different types of go card. To find out about go cards that are available visit new to go card. If your circumstances change you can upgrade or change your card by arranging a balance transfer from your current go card to a new one.  

Things you need to know

When you buy or register a go card, you will need to nominate the account holder and the authorised user.

You can also do this for an adult go card, but it is not mandatory.

Account holder (or billing account holder)

This is the person responsible for the fares, fees and other changes. This person will be able to log into the website or call us to make enquiries about the account.

Authorised user

This is the person who uses the go card to travel.

The account holder and authorised user can be the same person, or may be different people, such as a parent (account holder) and child (authorised user).

Where to top up

You can top up at over 1000 locations, including many Queensland Rail and G:link stations, some busway stations, selected newsagents and 7-Eleven stores where you see the 'top up' symbol. Top up go card as often as you want, with as little as $5 or as much as $200.

Top up:

  • online - top up your balance or activate auto top-up
  • by calling us
  • at a retailer
  • onboard buses (excluding Brisbane Transport)
  • onboard Brisbane City Council Ferries (the maximum top up amount is $50, using cash only).

Bulk go card enquiries

Community organisations, schools, event planners, special interest groups and other interested parties can buy multiple (10 or more) non-transferable go cards for use during events, conferences and excursions.

To discuss your bulk go card requirements and options, email products@translink.com.au.