Make 9 journeys then travel free


Make 9 paid go card journeys on the same card in a week (Monday to Sunday) then receive free travel on every additional trip made during the rest of the week.

Are you making a journey or trip? A journey can be 1 or a number of trips (transfers) combined to make it from point A to B.

Please note: 9 and free does not apply to Airtrain journeys.

Delivery of real savings

You'll be surprised how quickly the savings add up with 9 and free.

For example, save $4.66 for one 3-zone journey per week for 52 weeks and you'll save $242.32 in total.

The more you use your go card in a week the more you will save.

Things to remember

  • The 9 and free scheme is based on a 7-day time cycle (Monday to Sunday), which is reset at 3.00am each Monday morning, including public holidays.
  • You must make all of your 9 journeys on the one go card in order to receive any free trips.
  • Cancelled transactions do not count towards the frequent user scheme.
Make 9 journeys then travel FREE