Conditions of travel


Conditions of travel

The following documents contain the 'conditions of travel' for TransLink and qconnect services.

Fines for public transport offences

(Current as of 1 July 2015)

Offence Fine
Evade a fare $235
Fail to produce a ticket $235
Failure to state name, address or age to an AP $235
Failure to provide information about a relevant offence $235
Smoking on a Public Passenger Vehicle (PPV) $235
Consumption of food/drink on a Public Passenger Vehicle (PPV) $235
Create a disturbance or nuisance on or in Passenger transport infrastructure (PTI)  or Public Passenger Vehicle (PPV) $471
Fail to obey a direction to leave or not enter PTI or PPV $471
Interfere with a vehicle or equipment $471
Person take animal that is not assistance animal on public passenger vehicle W/O permission $235
Failure to produce evidence of concessional entitlement $235
Placing feet on seat of rolling stock $235
Entering or leaving moving rolling stock $235
Opening external door of moving rolling stock $235
Placing a part of a person’s body out of a window or door of moving rolling stock $235
Entering or leaving a railway other than through a proper entrance or exit $235
Entering rolling stock not designated for passengers $235
Riding on the outside of rolling stock $235
Putting graffiti on a railway $235
Entering railway crossing whilst warning signal has/is sounded $235
Enter railway track other than for purpose for crossing one side to another $235
Spitting on platform, rolling stock or structure $235
Consumption of alcohol on a railway $117
Crossing of a railway tracks other than at a Railway crossing $235
Allowing an animal onto a railway $235
Leaving litter on a railway other than in container provided for that purpose $117
Occupying more than 1 seat on rolling stock $235
Bringing onto rolling stock designed for passengers a sizeable object that cannot be put: (a) under the seat; or (b) in an overhead rack; or (c) in a designed storage area $235
Placing anything in the aisle where it may cause obstruction or injury $235
Selling, seeking business or conducting a survey on a railway $235
Playing a musical instrument or Operating sound equipment at a level likely to be a nuisance $235
Consuming food or drink on rolling stock $235
Smoking on a railway $235
Parking a vehicle other than in designated parking space $235
Failure to obey direction on a sign in relation to driving or parking $235
Driving a vehicle (other than a wheelchair) on a bridge, subway or platform $235
Drive on busway or BTI designed for pedestrian use or LR platform $235
Park on busway or BTI except in authorised place $235
Failure to obey sign about driving or parking vehicle on busway or BTI $235
Failure to enter or leave designated entry or exit $235
Take or allow animal on regulated area $235
Litter on regulated area $117
Drink alcohol on regulated area $235
Smoke in signed area of regulated area $235
Sell or seek business or conduct survey on regulated area $117
Play musical instrument or operate sound equipment on regulated area $117
Spit while on or in PPV or busway or BTI or LR platform $235

AP (Authorised Person)
BTI (Busway Transport Infrastructure)
LR (Light Rail)