Conditions of travel (PDF, 40KB)

Travel using any TransLink train, bus, ferry and tram service is only permitted with a valid go card, SEEQ card or TransLink paper ticket or pass.

All TransLink ticketing products remain the property of TransLink and are not transferable from one customer to another.

The following are examples of passenger conduct which may constitute a breach of the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Act 1994 (this list is not exhaustive and other conditions apply).

  • A passenger must ensure his/her go card is touched on when travelling.
  • A passenger must not evade, or attempt to evade, payment of the required fare for the intended journey.
  • A concession/child paper ticket holder, or a concession, seniors or child go card holder must be in possession of a valid concession entitlement card.
  • A passenger must produce a valid ticket or go card and a valid concession entitlement card (if applicable) when requested to do so, by a driver, ticket seller or authorised person.
  • A passenger must not smoke in a public passenger vehicle.
  • A passenger must not consume food or drink in a public passenger vehicle.
  • A passenger must not interfere with a public passenger vehicle, service equipment or a public passenger service.
  • A passenger must not bring an animal on to a public passenger vehicle unless it is an approved guide or assistance animal.
  • A passenger must not create a nuisance or disturbance on a railway or public passenger vehicle.
  • A passenger must supply his/her name, address and age to an authorised person when requested.
  • A passenger must not obstruct an authorised person in the exercise of a power.