Customer service

Customer liaison officer assisting customer

We provide support and give you a way to have your opinions heard and acted on.

You can ask questions and make suggestions by:

All reasonable efforts will be made to finalise your complaint as quickly as possible and in accordance within the Transport and Main Roads Complaints Policy and TransLink Divisional Complaints guideline.

What we can help you with

  • timetable enquiries
  • service enquiries
  • complaints and suggestions
  • product information

What we do with your feedback

  • additional services
  • schedule changes
  • facility upgrades
  • infrastructure placement
  • improve the go card
  • and much more!

How we do it

Transparency and accountability are important to us.

We record all your feedback and send it to the appropriate TransLink team for consideration.

Due to the volume of comments sent to our team, it's not always possible to provide a response to all feedback.