Ticket and fare integration


TransLink coordinates and integrates public transport services and integrated ticketing options, working with our delivery partners. Ticket and fare integration allows our customers to travel seamlessly between TransLink buses, trains, ferries and trams.

We've also introduced integrated travel and entry tickets for events at Suncorp Stadium, The Gabba, Skilled Park, the Tennyson Tennis Centre, the Queensland Sports and Athletic Centre and the Gold Coast motor events. These tickets allow attendees to travel for free and gain entry to events using one ticket.

Revenue protection

Up to $18 million is lost each year to fare evasion throughout the TransLink network. To tackle fare evasion, TransLink has set up a revenue protection team tasked with delivering the organisations revenue protection strategy.

Within this team a group of specially trained officers known as Senior Network Officers have been established to demonstrate that TransLink is serious about reducing fare evasion.