Customer research


We regularly conduct market research so we can learn about our customers and their travel patterns. Depending on the kind of information we are looking to gather, we may:

  • Contact people randomly either through consumer panels or by random phone dialing.
  • Speak to people who are at stops or stations, or travelling on board public transport services.
  • Contact registered go card customers who have agreed to be considered for market research or opinion polls in the future.

Want to submit feedback?

If you have a specific issue or concern that you would like to bring to our attention, the best thing to do is fill in our online form or call us on 13 12 30.

Recent market research projects

Public transport passenger survey

In May 2010, people travelling on buses, trains and ferries in South East Queensland took part in our public transport passenger survey. Results from this help us to better understand where and when our customer travel, and assists our planners develop the public transport network.

Read the public transport passenger survey results (PDF, 3.77MB).

Customer satisfaction

Every three months we commission an independent research company to conduct research on our behalf to monitor customer satisfaction. This research investigates how our customers rate a range of experiences, such as:

  • planning a journey online or through the call centre
  • the reliability, frequency, safety and efficiency of public transport services
  • comfort on board buses, trains and ferries
  • accessibility and affordability of services.

You can check out our customer satisfaction results on the public transport performance data page.